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Thursday, February 11, 2010

EDUCAUSE Southwest Regional Conference 2010

Boy does time fly! When I first registered for the EDUCAUSE Southwest Regional Conference 2010 back in November 2009 it seemed like a long time until the event. Well, as I write this it is less than a week away!

The following description of the conference is taken directly from the EDUCAUSE website:

"This year's conference, "The Ever-Evolving Role of IT," will explore the creative, effective, and sustainable ways that the higher education IT community is transforming infrastructure, enterprise services, and teaching and learning while coping with financial challenges. It has never been more important for us to provide reliable, efficient, and timely IT solutions while effectively and transparently communicating what we're doing for customers. This conference will provide real-world examples, insights, and discussions regarding ways to succeed within the educational environment.

Preconference seminars begin the morning of February 17, with the full conference program February 17–19, 2010. The program follows five key tracks:

•E–Research and E–Scholarship

•The Evolving Role of IT and Leadership

•Managing the Enterprise

•Teaching and Learning

•Corporate and Campus Solutions"
I will be attending on February 17 and participate in the pre-conference and the regular seminars. This will be exciting! There will be a post sharing what I will learn.
Have a wonderful day!

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