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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The EDUCAUSE SWR Conference 2010

The EDUCAUSE conference was exciting!

I attended a pre-conference seminar titled Meeting the Challenge: Designing Engaging and Active Online Courses. It was presented by Dr. Patricia Mcgee of UT San Antonio and Dr. Leah Wickersham of Texas A&M Commerce.

The Wicked Problems of Online Course Design and Delivery were introduced and the top ten were presented. The discussion revolved on how to avoid these problems.

An e-learning tool box was presented as well. It is located on the web at http://elearningtools.wetpaint.com/.  In this toolbox are resources for educators.

The opening remarks were presented by Dr. Darcy Hardy, Director of the UT Telecampus. Her presentation was titled The Forever Changing Role of IT in Online Education. She spoke as a user of technology and explored how IT and academics should work together to solve problems with innovative solutions.

Oh, and to make the week even more special an airplane flew into a building in my district and I found myself and the rest of my fire company on the scene for approximately seven hours!

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